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What is a Ketogenic diet and GoKeto?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. This reduction in carbs and increase in healthy fats, puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. GoKeto™ is a 100% natural product range from GoNutro™, a dietary supplements company operating throughout Europe, the UK & Ireland. The range includes GoKeto™ Exogenous Ketones (ßHB), MCT Oil Powder & Collagen Protein Powders that work in conjuntion with a low carb keto diet. Scientifically formulated to provide the body with a better energy source by promoting ketone production naturally. Perfect for athletes or anybody wishing to enhance their lives with increased mental focus and more physical energy.


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"It really does work, I take GoKeto™ every day for an added energy boost in the afternoon at work. This is a super fuel that keeps me going right into the evenings".

Dirk Heynen - Working Professional 


Go Further,
Mentally & Physically

The GoKeto™ product range includes Exogenous Ketones BHB, MCT Oil Powder & Collagen Protein Powder, which deliver a natural boost of clean energy and aid performance on many levels. These products work for everybody who's looking for an enhanced edge and looking to get healthier. The Ketone body formula contains beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in a perfectly balanced electrolyte contained powder. These products will raise Ketones (BHB) in just 30 minutes and facilitate better mental and physical performance.


It's what's inside that counts.

Better appetite regulation, significant weight loss, decreased emotional eating, improved cognitive function, improved physical performance, and improved metabolic profiles.

“Your Recovery is faster with GoKeto due to less oxidative stress, efficient fuel use and reduced inflammation. You can become better, stronger, faster”.

That's what makes Goketo so special.


100% natural fuel.

GoKeto™ is a 100% clean fuel for body and mind. It's Stimulant-free, carbohydrate-free and sugar-free. It reduces cravings, which means it's great for weight management or between meals. It preserves muscle and glycogen stores. That's great for low carb and fasting workouts. It tastes great with a refreshing natural flavour and mixes easily in cold water and shakes. GoKeto™ contains No Sugar, No Carbs, No Caffeine & No allergens.

Our Products are soy free, gluten free, palm oil free and where stated, dairy-free. Calories from Healthy fat such as Coconut MCT, satiates and fuels you quickly, feeds your body & brain, perfect for helping you to reduce sugar intake.

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Our Mission

At GoNutro, we aim to deliver complete dietary solutions in nutritional supplements for individuals focused on self improvement. We are focused on specific functional food components that scientifically enhance and help the body function better in a more natural way.