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Keara Lydon  

We are thrilled to welcome Keara Lydon to the team, Winner Most Beautiful Girl in Ireland. Keara uses Goketo to juggle her busy lifestyle and stay in fantastic shape. Now you can avail of a 20% off on GoKeto use code keara20 . 

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European Tarmac Rally series 2018


Goketo sponsored crew, fueled through the race to ensure a razor sharp focus and sustained energy.








Brian Ennett    2018




After getting myself to A2, I knew if I wanted to step up to A1 level I would not be able to do it by myself as I required structure and much more quality in my training. After just a short while of working with Gerry in the winter months I could clearly see how much thought was being put into my prescribed training, so that I could get enough quality work and hours done to get stronger while also balancing college. I could clearly see myself improving my weaknesses while still building my more naturally strong areas, all the while loving riding my bike.

Just from listening to Gerry I have gained loads of knowledge about the training, nutrition and supplementation that will make me become a better athlete. Gerry is extremely easy to work with as he simply wants to help you become a stronger and healthier athlete by passing on his knowledge from his studies and experience. I have used his product ‘GoKeto
for periods of training, to become more efficient, and also around racing to preserve fuel so that I will not be running out of energy near the end.  After starting the season stronger than ever before I am looking forward to continuing on to
see how much I can get out of myself with Gerry’s support.









Desmond Mullett

Desmond completing the National Triathlon Championship 2017.

Desmond completing the National Triathlon Championship 2017.

I've been competing in triathlons for the last five years. I reached a point where I felt despite the training, I wasn't making any progress. At this point I contacted Gerry to see how he felt about looking after my bike training and giving me advice on my nutrition, on a daily basis and for my training/racing. After 4 months working with Gerry I feel my progress has exceeded any progress I made in the previous 12 months. A vital part of this has been trusting his approach. His nutritional advice is clear and simple, eat good clean food and plenty of it! He changed my nutrition on training days with the type of nutrition specific to the session in hand. He introduced his own product called GoKeto to both my lifestyle and training. A clean full for body and mind, it has played a key role in building my endurance. Used in the correct way it has helped my body to fuel itself on fats and with this my glycogen is stored for when I need it, at the business end of an endurance event.  

Having spent time understanding my strengths, weaknesses, commitments and other outside factors, he developed training sessions that were precise and structured to suit me and my goals. Sometimes I felt I wasn't doing enough and that 'I could do more' but he convinced me to be 'patient' and 'stick to the plan'. I did this and was absolutely thrilled that I hit my peak performance levels on both my key events.   I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Gerry. His enthusiasm and knowledge on all performance related factors are second to none. Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the next 12 months!

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Michael Ryan

Since starting triathlons in 2015 it has grew from a hobby to a passion. Although very demanding and consuming I find the challenge from pushing myself very rewarding. I love the atmosphere at races and with the competitive edge it didn’t take long to get hooked. I started out naively with the odd cycle, swim and bike to evolving to a strict training and racing scheduled albeit it can definitely improve and that’s where Gerry came in.

Gerry took a scientific approach which was new territory to me. Listening to training buddies throwing out numbers by the new time I just zoned out – watts, power, HR, cadence, speed etc. Gerry needed some platform to work off and as I have not a power meter we worked off HR. Performing a lactate test this helped Gerry determine my HR zones and tailor my sessions to specifically help me improve. Not only did I know from week to week what sessions I was doing, I knew why I was doing them. The key race for 2017 was Dublin Ironman 70.3 with a goal of breaking 5 hours.

Nutrition was never a factor to me in sport as I was always lean, however Gerry emphasised the crucial role nutrition plays in performance. Nothing to strident Gerry gave advice with nutrition around training and set out a plan specific for race day which included his recently launch product GoKeto. This clean fuel works by obtaining fat as energy while saving glycogen sources until required. I believe GoKeto is a revolutionary game changer and genuinely aided me in completing the Dublin IM in 4 hours 45 mins, some 27 minutes faster than the previous year.

While working with Gerry I’ve had some notable performances in 2017. 2018 looks to be another exciting year with ambitions goals set already. I look forward to working Gerry to meet these goals and continuing the challenge.

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Martin Mizgajski

A polish born Irish citizen living in New Ross Co. Wexford has had possibly one of his greatest years in athletic terms in 2016, having been selected to pilot a tandam and ride for Ireland in the Para-Olympic games Rio'16. Firstly was a UCI para-cycling road World Cup qualifier in may competing on a tandem in Pietermaritzburg South Africa with a time trial Saturday stage and a road race on Sunday. In Saturday’s Time Trial the lads came home with an excellent 3rd and bronze medal, and to top that in the following road stage with an absolutely fantastic win and Gold. The exploits were enough now to be ranked number one in the world and are in line to compete for Ireland at the Rio Paralympic Games in September. Martin said: " From my side there is my family that is supporting me hugely as I am away from home a lot lately. I would also like to thank Gerry Byrne from New Ross who is coaching me; his knowledge, expertise, lactate testing and attention to detail helped me a lot to get my body into the shape of my life."  The announcement was made and Tipperary’s Peter Ryan will be piloted by Marcin Mizgajski Wexford in the Men’s B Tandem Time Trial and Men’s B Tandem Road Race to represent Ireland in events in Rio Para-Olympic games  Copacabana 14th – 17th September. " Working with Gerry to get ready for Rio 2016 was one of the best coaching experiences of my life."  

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Robin Kelly

The Waterford man tipped the scales at a hefty 100 kilos in the off-season and at times pondered where he was going in a sport that usually favors the lighter types. "You just don’t realise the gains you can make if you change your diet,” explained Kelly.  “I stood on the scales at 100 kilos and I said I’d either not bother racing this year or I’d do something about it. “I got nutritional and coaching advice from Gerry Byrne and we set about changing my diet around; I started training with a specific  approach to fueling“.  Particular emphasis on macros like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes were targeted to allow my whole fueling system to change. "I know I’ve only done the first race of the season and it was short but I’m hoping I’ll be a different animal altogether this year.” Coupled with the low-carb diet, Kelly endured many days with no food at all on the bike. “At the minute I’m 86 kilos so I’ve lost 14kg in the last few months. “ It’s the lightest I’ve ever been racing at and I’m hoping to shed more. I have achieved my goals and ranked top 5 in Cycling Irelands list of A cat. riders.


Shane Doyle

"When I started to get coaching from Gerry I was only new to cycling and wanted to improve so that I could get involved in racing. At first, I didn't really know what benefits I might get from having a coach but I soon started to see the results of being coached." 

" What I really like about Gerry is that he's very methodical, thorough in his training methods and is extremely knowledgeable in both sports science and nutrition." With Gerry as my coach, I've had a fantastic year of racing in which I had some tremendous results, including winning races and I'm currently on the verge of getting promoted to being a Cat 3 rider. To think that only a year ago I was a complete novice, I'd easily recommend Gerry to anyone.


Sport Nutrition presentation - United Striders Athletic Club

Gerry Byrne is kindly assisting USAC by presenting on the topic of Sports Nutrition, at the CBS Secondary School New Ross. Gerry has completed an MSc in the area of Nutritional science and has an undergraduate Degree in Health & Exercise Science and brings a level of expertise to an area that is of importance to all USAC members. "The presentation has been highly recommended by a number of sporting organisations,people and including our local cycling club, the Barrow Wheelers." Thanks to Gerry for taking time out to share his knowledge and expertise with us.