GoKeto™ Instant Ketone BhB 25 Serve

GoKeto™ Instant Ketone BhB 25 Serve


Clean fuel for body & mind

This ketone product provides 13g of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) complex in a scientifically superior formulated powder, ready to use and increase blood ketone levels into Ketosis. Ideal for body condition, blood sugar control and cognitive function. Each container offers a months supply with excess of 25 servings.

Stimulant-free, carbohydrate-free and sugar-free. Great for weight management or between meals. Naturally flavored with Lemon and Stevia. Mixes easily in cold water and shakes and tastes refreshing. Full WADA compliance and has FDA approval.

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Customer Reviews:

Brian Ennett 2018

I have used his product ‘GoKeto
for periods of training, to become more efficient, and also around racing to preserve fuel so that I will not be running out of energy near the end. 

Paul Heynen  September 2017

I've been using this product for a few months now when cutting carbs to reduce body fat and maintain muscle. I find it really helps with energy levels, mood and mental focus and also with hunger and carb cravings. The weight falls off. Highly recommended

By Des Mullett 

I started using GoKeto 3 months ago and haven't looked back. Just finished the Irish Triathlon Middle Distance Championships in Kenmare, Co. Kerry and managed a very pleasing 41st place (up 50 places on last appearance). GoKeto is easy to drink and has become an important part of my lifestyle, training, racing and recovery! I have always struggled on the run in my races but by using GoKeto it has limited my glycogen depletion and as a result I have seen an enormous improvement in my running! It has made a significant difference to my performance and I would highly recommend it.

By Michael Ryan 

Since I started using Goketo, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I PB’d in the Dublin Ironman 2017, finishing in 4 hours 45 mins, beating last years’ time by 27 mins 🙈. This Ketone based clean fuel helped me surpass my expectations by limiting glycogen depletion and providing me with energy sources to see me to the finish line. Easy to take and mixes great with carb/electrolyte mixes or stand alone 💪🏆🏊🚴🏃
100% genuine highly recommended. You won't regret it 💪💪

By Sarah Whitney 20 September 2017

I started this using this product some time ago on a recommendation from a friend to assist with weight loss whilst continuing to train and compete at a high level. I believe that it's made an incredible difference to my performance in being able to maximise my results in training and continuing to live a busy life. The product is very refreshing and has absolutely no side effects, considering I've being using it first thing before training. Also, can be taken after training and mixes well with any protein shake.