As an exercise physiologist, nutrition practitioner, and an endurance coach; I offer a high quality individualised structure which is underpinned by tried and tested methods and evidence based science. These aspects are vital for those who have decided to make a change for a healthier and better you.


Nutritional Consultancy

A balanced healthy diet is vital for everyone and nutrient imbalances can seriously affect health, well being, training and performance. The National dietary recommendations are based on average requirements for generally large groups, commonly based on age and gender. Many vital nutrient requirements are not met by these recommendations and may require investigations specific to needs of the individual.

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  • Tailored bespoke advice

  • New insights and recommendations - effects of lifestyle on well being, sleep and immune health

  • Heart health and reduced inflammatory status

  • Improve glycemic control and awareness

  • Planning and scheduling your goals, built around your daily activities

  • Counsel athletes on specific nutrition for various phases of training, recovery and competition, weight management, hydration, maintenance of health and use of supplements.

  • Monitoring and evaluation to outline progression

  • Weekly feedback via phone or email depending on package

  • Body composition, enhance adaptations, facilitate recovery and ultimately enhance overall health

Exercise Consultancy

Each person varies as too does the approach which is tailor-made to ensure progress is accomplished. Having worked with many types of individuals from recreational athletes, weight issues and performing top level athletes.  I have a true understanding of how to get the best possible health and physiological conditioning for you depending on your goals which will allow you to reach your potential. 


  • Tailored bespoke training plans using Heart Rate, Power, RPE.

  • Planning and schedule built around your goals, ability, commitments and time.

  • Monitoring and evaluation to outline progression.

  • Counsel athletes on optimal training load.

  • Weekly feedback via Regular Phone - email contact depending on package.

  • Lifestyle audit to ensure balance and attenuate training adaptation with a minimal impact on your social, work or family commitments.

  • Analysis of past endurance training and discussion on proposed race schedule.


Lactate Threshold Test

The lactate threshold test will determine the point at which the human body falls behind in buffering and struggles to stay efficient in aerobic capacity. Knowing this point is vital in progression of training and in setting up training zones to optimize adaptation and recovery. Gold standard Lactate threshold testing, key to monitor improvement and update power-  heart rate zones for training progression. 


  • Determination of threshold by blood drawn from finger during a graded exercise protocol specific to needs.

  • Graphing of Zones for visual presentation and explanation with view to logical progression.

  • Test done on cyclists on own bike or Watt-bike and or clients treadmill- Pool. Treadmill locations available for runners, and pools at convenient locations.

 Services include

  • Brand- new product development & support.

  • Corporate health and well being - management & employee focused.

  • Team & Group Presentations.

  • Research and development of new scientific methodologies & concepts.

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