How to GoKeto

Ketone supplements are a fantastic energy fuel and great addition to a healthy diet for those who want to remove Sugar and processed food. We want you to be more informed and encourage you to become aware of the benefits so you can align with your goals.

No matter which way you go with your supplement choice, there are great benefits to consuming exogenous ketones. To review,

Before your workouts
GoKeto as a Pre-workout is a perfect blend of Ketones and electrolytes for ketone energy, strength and endurance. Do more reps, run another mile, continue for another half-hour: GoKeto enables you to sustain your progress and build on it!

For work and study
Going on night shift? Preparing a report, presentation, or going through a stressful time? Fixing code on a problematic website? Is it tax prep time? Want to finish a home or garden improvement project you’ve been meaning to get done for weeks?

Aside from providing energy and wakefulness, all the ingredients in GoKeto contribute to better mental acuity to help you get tasks done, and done well.

And unlike with Energy drink bingeing, you won’t experience crashes! at all.

Whenever you need energy
Maybe you have toddlers, or you’re babysitting toddlers on a morning. Or you’re going on a hike with friends. Or it’s your wedding day! GoKeto is an ideal partner-for-every-time, giving you that boost you need to stay on top form and well.

Exogenous ketones can help you reach ketosis faster when you’re just starting keto or coming off a cheat day GoNutro



  • Triggers ketosis- cleaner fuel use.

  • eventual Increase in ability to use fat-burning FFA.

    Alternative Boost of energy for exercise, sparing glycogen.

  • Increases satiety and feeling full or energized.


  • Increased focus due to ketones feeding neurological systems.

  • Mental clarity and better decision making.

  • Accessing pure burning, sustained source of energy, elimination of peaks and valleys from sugar rushes.


  • Sense of well-being and sustained mental energy.

  • Emotional -Hormonal balance ideal homeostasis.

Health Outcomes

  • Ketosis induces improved autophagy and apoptosis, where your body purges dead or under-performing cells to allow for new growth. This has innumerable benefits relating to disease prevention and longevity.

  • The ketogenic diet, and low-carbohydrate diets offer greater metabolic freedom. They can be a method to control chronic surges in blood glucose and offer some level of protection against eventual insulin resistance. 

  • Chronic elevated blood glucose and elevated insulin levels may raise the risk of developing insulin resistance and eventually type-2 diabetes.


For Mental Performance

  • Remember ketones are what your body breaks fat down into for useable energy. Your brain uses about 20% of your total daily energy expenditure depending on task.

  • This is not a stimulant for the perception of alertness.

Before/During Exercise

  • Ketones are fuel for your body. When we talk about “fat-burning” we are literally describing your fatty acids being metabolized into ketones as a result.

Post Exercise-Workout recovery

  • Ketones have been found to aid in recovery and are great taken late in evening after workouts to help induce a deeper REM sleep cycle.

A boost into Ketosis

  • Skip the “Keto Flu” symptoms when cutting out junk and sugar, signal your body to enter ketosis within minutes.

See our range of the  Ketone Supplements for a high level view of the industry.

We are advocates of the scientific literature and research around this topic, we test and retest! I hope this information is helpful for you on your journey.

@Mark_Sisson sets out a really clear descriptive video explaining some of the science on the low carb-fat adapted exercise paradigm. And how the FASTER study showed much higher fat oxidation than ever believed possible, Central Gov theory. Beauty of fueling brain on ketones.