Processed Food Perils

Gabor Erdosi Talks at the Food News Conference Prague 2018 - Processed Food Perils!


This talk by Gabor Erdosi from The Prague Food News conference 2018 - Many insightful elements on Processed food and physiological responses. Gabor Erdosi has studied thousands of scientific papers in his research journey, integrating all the data with amazing insights throughout. In this talk he reveals so much - explaining how the processing of carbohydrate foods lies at the center of our chronic disease epidemics. SLIDES AVAILABLE HERE:


Take home Message:

Processing of food items high in protein and fat is mostly harmless, at least as far as short term metabolic responses are concerned. Prioritize food items high in these macronutrients.

• Plant foods (carbohydrates) should be carefully selected on the basis of their (dense) structure. Processing, especially industrial refining disrupts structure and accelerates absorption, resulting in reduced satiation. Excluding most carbohydrate sources also solves this problem...

• Consume carbohydrate rich foods at the end of the meal (dessert).

• Have fewer, larger meals vs. frequent small ones. Snacking is a bad idea- key is nutrient dense real quality based food.

• Eat your meal slowly to maximize satiation via the increased release of lower intestinal hormones.


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