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with Dr. Keith Baar STEM talk.

Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at the University of California, Davis


Dr. Keith Baar joins Ken and Dawn an interview for STEM-Talk. Keith is a highly renowned scientist in the field of molecular exercise physiology. Keith has many key discoveries on how muscles grow bigger, stronger, and more fatigue resistant.

The head of the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at the University of California, Davis. In his lab, the team of researchers develop ways to improve muscle, tendon and ligament function.

Keith explaining his decision to return to the states and join the faculty at the University of California, Davis.  Ken and Dawn then talk to Keith about his most recent research, some of which is looking at how to determine the best way to train, as well as what types of foods compliment training to decrease tendon and ligament injury and accelerate return to play. This work has the potential to improve muscle function not only in athletes, but also improve people’s quality of life as they age. Another key topic covered in part two of our interview is the research Keith is doing on a ketogenic diet and its potential to reduce cancer rates and improve cognition. Keith also provides his thoughts on what optimal workouts and nutrition should look like.

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