GoKeto Coffee

'Eating Keto’ is now becoming established as a science-backed health & fitness area that provides sustained energy to power the muscles, metabolism and the mind by consuming healthy fats, not sugar. Key research shows consuming all of the healthy nutrient dense fats (such as: Real butter, medium chain triglycerides, coconut oil and omega fatty acids) early in the morning aids and supports the natural metabolic state of ketosis.  Now the body burns fat to fuel the brain and muscles with a superior sustained energy, this in-turn provides health benefits such as: superior metabolic energy, improved focus, reduced inflammatory ROS production, mental clarity, concentration, and satiety.

“Trends come and go, habits are formed this has been part of our evolutionary past going back many many years. Its now time to make habits healthier."

A Ketogenic Coffee made with unsalted Butter and/or MCT powder , coconut oil and boosted with Collagen protein, cream base [full dairy]; Almond + coconut milk base, or Soy.
Also add Ketogenic support product GoKeto and not carbohydrates, for sustained mental clarity, weight management + metabolic energy for hours. This ketogenic approach to burn fats, not carbohydrates,  deliver sustained mental clarity, weight management + metabolic energy for hours. 

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