Athlete Supplements

Dietary Supplements for Health, Adaptation, and Recovery in Athletes.

Dietary supplements are recommended to athletes based on scientific data that supports improved exercise recovery/ performance. Many dietary supplements lay claim to be ergogenic in nature, with  numerous sport/health related  scientific studies carried out evidence is now mounting toward several in particular. These may improve health, adaptation to exercise, or recovery from injury, and so could help athletes to train and/or compete more effectively. In this mini review, we describe several dietary supplements that may improve health, exercise adaptation, or recovery. Omega 3-fatty acid supplementation may also reduce severity of or enhance recovery from mTBI. Replenishment of vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency will likely improve some aspects of immune, bone, and muscle health. Probiotic supplementation can reduce the incidence, duration, and severity of upper respiratory tract infection, which may indirectly improve training or competitive performance. Preliminary data show that gelatin and/or collagen may improve connective tissue health. Some anti-inflammatory supplements, such as curcumin or tart cherry juice, may reduce inflammation and possibly delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Several dietary supplements, including Omega 3-fatty acids, vitamin D, Whey protein, probiotics, gelatin, beetroot juice, and curcumin/tart cherry juice could help athletes train and/or compete more effectively. These all should be included into a nutrient dense dietary regime so as to maximize potential.

International journal sport nutrition and exercise metabolism-

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