GoKeto™ & Sport

The GoKeto™ ketogenic approach.

The ketogenic dietary (KD) approach with GoKeto™ is now used widely as an alternative nutrient dense fueling strategy with added benefits of metabolic and body conditioning, apart from a therapy for some disease states and novel cellular mechanisms.  In many sports, fueling, adaptation, recovery & weight control is often necessary (Endurance, boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, etc.), but the KD usually is not considered. This review outlines that KD might be used to achieve these and other favorable aspects such as fat loss without affecting strength/power performance negatively. 

The possible reasons for the effectiveness of KD for energy efficiency & weight loss may be listed as follows, in order of evidence, strongest first:

  1. A reduction in respiratory quotient may indicate a greater metabolic efficiency in fat oxidation.
  2. Appetite reduction: protein satiety, effects on appetite-related hormones such as ghrelin, and possibly a sort of direct appetite-blocking effect of KD.
  3. Reduced lipogenesis and increased fat oxidation
  4. A thermic effect of proteins and increased energy usage by gluconeogenesis, other possible mechanisms.



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