The Science of Keto, Low Carb & Fasting.


The Science around Ketogenic dietary approaches has grown for decades with worlds leading metabolic and endocrinologists. The key benefits of Ketones - GoKeto BhB and MCT for body condition (Metabolic function), better cognition and recovery -performance are without question.  I and numerous others including many elite athletes, recreational sports, general public have used GoKeto now with amazing results. These benefits particularly terms of energy use, recovery and overall health are truly unique. Some key up to date Research has now  found that the use of exogenous ketones and/or MCT’s are very effective methods aiding and enhancing the process of keto-adaption without the extreme difficulty of  the pure restrictive ketogenic dietary approaches. This is particularly true for those who prefer or need a Cyclic approach to the Ketogenic lifestyle depending on personal choice and preferences. Please view the video below for a really informative snap shot aimed at providing information and education to help you on this topic.

The real magic of much-hyped ketone supplements, according to Belgian scientists, is how they enhance recovery.

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