There are numerous benefits of GoKeto™,  Energy - Cognition - Metabolic control - Inflammation - Body composition - Aging.  

1. Use in the morning for natural energy pre breakfast, satiety and cognition in place of regular breakfast or pre workout. Mix it with your morning protein shake and or coffee, adding protein-BCAA for superior physical energy and mental clarity; addition of caffeine also raises blood ketones.

2. Use anytime –anywhere easily to support your daily activity, pre-meal, snacks, or pre training fuel. Great for intermittent fasting regimens, benefits include better insulin sensitivity and superior appetite hormone regulation and ultimately weight management and control.

3. Use in a fasted state in the morning for your pre-workout drink. Many exercise in a fasted state because they want to accelerate fat loss, cell signalling, adaptation response and recovery post competition. Also many don’t feel well exercising on a full stomach, so have to wait for at least an hour, time is our most precious commodity. The solution is to try GoKeto™ as a time efficient cleaner, less oxidative energy source than any other. It will help speed the metabolic switch and flexibility from burning carbs to burning fat.

4. Switching from a normal carb diet to a ketogenic diet, the transition is characterized by a so-called “keto fog” or “keto flu”. Your body hasn’t yet made the switch from burning carbs to burning ketones, so you have a low-fuel problem. Typically you feel lethargic and cognitively cloudy. To bridge this transition, use GoKeto™to quickly refuel with clean ketone energy.

5. Many don’t want to eat a 100% ketogenic diet; they just want support for a lower-carb diet at different times depending on needs and periods of training. Try GoKeto™as a non-carb energy source that can keep energy levels up, blood sugar regulated and fewer hunger signals.

6. In the fitness world, “cutting” for sport specific most often means near elimination of non-vegetable carbs from the diet. At the peak of cutting, you can be exhausted and cognitively “foggy.” Exercise is difficult, at best. GoKeto™ will rejuvenate your mind and body, allow you to exercise at a high level, and keep you shredded.

7. Use in meal replacements. For decades, the go-to meal replacement has been protein and fiber. That can work to a certain extent, but fat has been severely under-represented for more than 30 years. Quite literally, fat makes you skinny by helping regulate blood sugar and providing longer-lasting energy than carbs. So, which fat? Most fats work, but adding quality fats to diet such as coconut oil, butter, MCT oil, olive oil all good sources show superior effects over time. MCT helps regulate blood sugar, satiate, and provide brain energy in the form of creating additional ketones.

8. Use in a pre-workout, BCAA or endurance formula. For many years in the pre-workout category, “performance” took a back seat to “stim.” Now performance is back with clinical and scientific evidence of alternatives. Numerous options are possible too, making additions of BCAAs, Beta-Alanine, Citrulline and the caffeine hare all possibility. A “Keto Pre”  as a performance standpoint, a combination such as GoKeto™ arguably and anecdotally gets us closer than ever to maximizing human potential. Other complements include leucine, BCAAs and adaptogens, CLA, l-carnitine, Greentea extract and ALA with specific weight management potential.


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