The Founder



Having a MSc in Food Science and a Honors Degree in Exercise & Health, I have concentrated my attention predominately on physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, exercise metabolism and metabolic health. My continued professional development is on-going and I endeavour to place practical insight into application of health - nutrition & exciting support product development.

Our Mission:

GoNutro aim to deliver complete nutritional solutions to the Food, Nutraceutical and bio-enhancement focused individuals of this world. We have focused on specific functional food components scientifically combining nutritional ingredients and processes to create unique and efficacious food and supplement solutions.

This has brought exciting discoveries in terms of how lifestyle, training, exercise and nutrition impact sporting performance, life, health and well being. I am truly passionate about the internal mechanisms of how we metabolize and utilize nutrients for energy and repair.

My aim is too develop exciting products which support your needs to realise your true potential. Using an evidence based approach in a manner that fits each situation, my recommendations aim to support you throughout each stage of your development. This will help empower you to ultimately become more self-aware and an overall stronger individual with a greater appreciation of performance and health.

The GoKeto proprietary formula was developed over many years of scientific research into ketogenic therapies. These products provide 100% pure bio available BhB ketones & MCT with all natural ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. I Continually research and enjoy keeping up to date with the new evidence based research and emerging trends in these fields. My own curiosity and approach with colleagues and mentors really inspire me when I see you physically improve and develop. As well as having a passion for most things health and performance related, I also embrace an active lifestyle, and particularly love outdoor activities, real food and spending precious time with family & friends.

We fully recognize our customers needs and as a forward thinking brand we are 100% committed to your specific needs. We aim to meet your expectations as a shopper. We embrace transparency with the GoKeto brand particularly in terms of guides, new research and key ingredients.

Read some of my research here.